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Our automated calculator makes it easy to compare floors and conduct a life cycle cost analysis for your next flooring update.

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Flooring Life Cycle Cost Comparison

The Life Cycle Cost Analysis makes it easy to weigh the expenses associated with different types of flooring throughout the life of the material - including initial cost comparison, life expectancy of flooring, floor installation cost, and floor maintenance cost. Select up to three surfaces from our floor installation comparison tool, and see which one will meet your investment over the next 30 years.

Flooring Cost Comparison
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Avoid spending hours researching on flooring and its life cycle, we’ve done the research for you. Simply answer five questions and select up to three flooring materials for comparison to get your life cycle cost. That’s it!

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Make adjustments to your report so the data can be used to forecast accurate budgets and present recommendations to stakeholders. You can adjust pricing to incorporate labor and maintenance costs, we also have included the national average if you’re unsure. 

Flooring Maintenance Costs

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All the numbers used in our floor life cycle cost analysis have been verified by third-party experts in the flooring industry. If you disagree with any of the results, you can easily adjust the data for your specific building or geographic location.

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